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Genus: Rosa Family: Rosacea (Rosa rubiginosa)

Wearable Gardens. 

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  • 1. Roses (Rosa)
  • 2. Climbing Frangipani
  • 3. Moonflower (exquisite)
  • 4. Gerberas
  • 5. Portulacas (Moss Roses)
  • 6. Frangipanis (to float in a bowl)
  • 7. Blossoms (of all kinds)
  • 8. Violets
  • 9. Red Pansies
  • 10. Poppies (especially Californian Poppies)

Let's see just exactly where they fitted in:

The basic timeline of a 4.6 billion year old Earth, with approximate dates:

  • 3.8 billion years - simple cells (prokaryotes),
  • 3.4 billion years - stromatolites demonstrating photosynthesis,
  • 2 billion years - complex cells (eukaryotes),
  • 1 billion years - multicellular life,
  • 600 million years - simple animals,
  • 570 million years - arthropods (ancestors of insects, arachnids and crustaceans),
  • 550 million years - complex animals,
  • 500 million years - fish and proto-amphibians,
  • 475 million years - land plants,
  • 400 million years - insects and seeds,
  • 360 million years - amphibians,
  • 300 million years - reptiles,
  • 200 million years - mammals,
  • 150 million years -birds,
  • 130 million years - flowers,
  • 65 million years - the dinosaurs died out,
  • 2.5 million years - the appearance of the genus Homo,
  • 200,000 years - anatomically modern humans,
  • 25,000 years - the disappearance of Neanderthal traits from the fossil record.
  • About Neanderthals: It is now thought that they died out not from conflict with Homo sapiens (us), but because their environment changed and they could not adapt in time. At the end of the last Ice Age, as global warming replaced the bitter cold, Neanderthals could not adapt to the changing conditions. It is thought that this contributed to their demise.  They were actually 'built' for the cold with large noses to warm the air before it entered their lungs, and short, stocky bodies which prevented loss of body heat.  It is thought that this contributed to their demise. A cave in southern Spain seems to have been the last sign of their presence on the planet, as well as one on the western coast of Wales.

Banded tube

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A banded tube.

Nature's first upright stem which led to all upright plants and trees.

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Table of Contents:

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There are so many different types of flowers. They can easily be placed into two main classes.
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The parts of a flower which are involved in reproduction may be typical or non-typical. Let's begin with a typical flower.
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Annual plants give us such joy after the long winter.
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All of the different types of roses we see today can easily be sorted into three main groups.
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Modern rose types are very special groups which have come from the Old Garden Roses.
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Pictures of Roses which are in the Rose Hall of Fame.
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